Day 1 Workshops

Optional Workshops - Wednesday 2 April

Two optional workshops are programmed for delegates on Day 1, 10:00am to 12:30pm - before the Special Interest Group Meetings. Please choose your workshop when registering online. 

Significance Workshop with Kate Clark

What matters and why - thinking about the value of heritage

This workshop aims to help participants think about the different ways in which cultural heritage matters, and to use that in their own work.
The first part looks at ideas of significance - including community and expert values - and how that helps inform decisions about sites and collections.  The second part looks at the wider issue of Public Value and how heritage can connect to bigger economic, social and environmental agendas.
The workshop takes around 3 hours, and involves a series of interactive ‘games’, which are actually based on the work of a series of key thinkers in heritage and in management.
It is suitable for anyone at any level (whether volunteer or professional) who is involved in looking after heritage - whether museum collections, places, buildings or intangible heritage such as memory and tradition.  

Environment and Technical Matters

  • How can you improve your energy efficiency and save money?
  • Can lighting techniques save energy?
  • Do museums and galleries need to keep to strict climate controls?

Auckland Museum has saved over $340K on their power bills, and the Australian Museum has been shutting down its climate control plant in collection stores. Internationally and here in NZ we’re asking why we need to spend so much to keep galleries and museums to the ‘gold standard’ of 20oC/50%RH.

 In this session technical experts and operations professionals will offer some case studies, options and solutions – and you can join the debate on why and whether the accepted climate control standards are still viable. 


Some background resources: