Collections Inventory Digitisation Technician

Canterbury Museum

Job Title:                    Collections Inventory Digitisation Technician

Responsible to:         Collections Inventory Project Manager 

Key Stakeholders:     Museum staff and management

Key Relationships:    Collections Inventory Project Manager
                                    Collections Inventory Project Group staff
                                    Curatorial Team
                                    Collections Registration Team
                                    Head of Collections and Research
                                    Director (employer)    

1.    Job Context

The Canterbury Museum exists to add value to the present and future citizens of Canterbury and the many visitors to Christchurch, by welcoming our visitors to explore the diversity of the natural world and our cultural heritage and to make this a fun experience.  This will be achieved through:

•    creating an interactive experiential journey for our visitors through which we tell the stories of Canterbury
      Waitaha and New Zealand Aotearoa and provide a view on the rest of the world
•    reaching out to children of all ages and providing learning experiences in an informative and enjoyable
•    building and properly caring for the collection of priceless treasures we hold in trust for the community
•    high quality relevant research on our collections and the dissemination of the results to the widest
     possible audience
•    working with a range of partnerships which integrate us into the wider community.  In particular we are
     committed to working with iwi in the spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi, embodying concepts such as mauri,
     kawa, mana and wairua
•    providing our visitors with friendly high quality service and ensuring equitable access to all
•    upholding and adhering to the highest professional standards of best practice
•    providing maximum community benefits from the resources made available to us
•    providing staff with the learning and development opportunities required to enable them to carry out their

The Collections Inventory Digitisation Technician reports to the Collections Inventory Project Manager (see attached Organisation Chart).

2.    Job Purpose

The position of a Collections Inventory Digitisation Technician exists to assist with the capture of data and images for the objects encountered during the collections inventory project.

3.    Key Output Areas

The duties and responsibilities outlined describe the core tasks; you may be required to undertake other duties. 

1.    Effective capture of information for the Inventory project by:
•    entering object data onto a spreadsheet
•    entering an accurate description of the object
•    allocating and attaching numbers to unnumbered objects
•    photographing or scanning each object as appropriate
•    linking object images to their records in the Vernon Collections Management System
•    naming and filing the image according to data standards
•    verification of data against objects 
•    providing basic packaging for the objects and ensure unique number is on the box
•    recording the location of the object 
•    ensuring the accuracy of all data captured
•    working on other special collections projects as required

2. Professional Development by: 
•    keeping up to date with professional literature
•    participating in relevant training and development opportunities

3. Contribution to Group operations by:
•    assisting in maintenance of clean and tidy work areas and collection stores
•    assisting in maintenance of equipment, tools and other assets

4.    Promotion of Museum as a Centre of Excellence by:
•    adhering to Museum policies and procedures, guidelines and house rules
•    adhering to professional standards, practices and codes of ethics
•    promoting excellent public relations by clearly communicating Museum values and objectives
•    working to ensure the Museum is a responsible tourism destination
•    proactively seeking continuous improvement to further enhance the visitor experience
•    accepting additional responsibilities when requested
•    promoting and maintaining excellent internal working relations
•    adhering to the Museum’s health and safety practices and remaining aware of all health and safety
     matters at all times
•    ensuring use of sustainable practices wherever possible and continuously looking for ways for

4.    Profile of an Ideal Collections Inventory Digitisation Technician

The following job competencies, qualifications and experience represent an ideal applicant.  It is recognised that not all candidates will meet all criteria.

(a)    Job Competencies

•    photography
•    basic use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or other image processing software
•    using Microsoft Excel 
•    cultural awareness, particularly a good understanding of biculturalism and the Treaty of Waitangi

•    a high level of computer keyboard skills and familiarity with information technology
•    a high level of attention to detail and accuracy
•    good time management skills
•    experienced in operation of photography equipment
•    good understanding of health and safety
•    a high level of physical fitness and manual dexterity

•    an ability to work both independently and as part of a team
•    good interpersonal skills

(b)    Qualifications
    The position will require:
•    degree or demonstrable interest in an aspect of the Museum’s collection

(c)    Experience
    The position will require:
•    experience working in a museum, digitisation or similar organisation
•    experience handling museum objects or similar is desirable

To apply:

Applications close 19 June, 5pm

Closing date: