Membership and Marketing Specialist

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Museums Aotearoa


Role Title Membership and Marketing Specialist
Reports to Chief Executive
Date created March 2022
Term of contract Permanent part-time or full-time

Welcome to Museums Aotearoa

Museums Aotearoa, Te Tari o Ngā Whare Taonga o Te Motu, is the independent professional association for New Zealand’s public museums and galleries and their staff and volunteers.

Our members play a critical role in supporting Aotearoa to thrive culturally, socially and economically. Through our network we reach every region and corner of Aotearoa; from the largest cities to the smallest towns.

Our members are critical to community wellbeing, research, scientific advancement and the creation of new knowledge. We preserve taonga and the nation’s memory and we deliver learning and education. We will play a key role in the delivery of the new school’s curriculum.

Our members help people make sense of their world, changing hearts, lives and minds. We facilitate creativity and innovation, inspire career and educational pathways and provide platforms for creative and artistic expression. We support the partnership between Tangata Whenua and Tangata Tiriti and the aspirations of iwi and hapu in the care of their taonga and stories.

Purpose of the Position

Working within a small team, this role encompasses a diverse mix of CE support enabler, communicator, contributor, ideas generator and co-creator. As a process champion, you will lead new efficiencies in document and finance management ensuring robust systems are in place.

The principal role, however, is to deliver value to our members. This requires being very clear on what value looks like to members and to be able to create opportunities to deliver and communicate. Providing knowledge, points of engagement and high-quality communications are

Our communication channels and content must be professional, timely, effective and inclusive. These are yours to create and manage.

You will contribute to and be instrumental in delivering on a new strategy that shows creativity, innovation and high ambition. This is your opportunity to help Museums Aotearoa to think big and do things very differently.

Key functions of the role are:
• managing communications channels with members and driving the increase of member numbers, responding to
   member enquiries in a timely manner
• providing a member’s perspective to the organisation’s strategy, activities and communications
• maintains a wider awareness of events, activities and decisions that may impact or provide opportunities to our
• ensuring MA understands the sector’s view on a wide range of relevant topics
• create opportunities to engage with members and for them to engage with each other and stakeholders
• increasing revenue beyond membership fees; think outside the box for building new revenue streams.
• supporting research projects, either driven by the organisation, the sector or international connections
• day to day management of the office and finances
• support to the Chief Executive and Board

Key Responsibilities

Demonstrates the actions and responsibilities of an engagement role within an innovative and
creative membership organisation:

• Manages communications with members, maintains record of contact and uses communications channels
• Ensures members are regularly and well informed of relevant information in the sector
• Ability to build and maintain strong working relationships, understanding key motivations of stakeholders and
   enabling mutually beneficial outcomes
• Support the Special Interest Groups with information and administrative support
• Ensure MA maintains accurate and up to date membership records
• Contributes to the development of MA’s strategy, vision and mission with innovative delivery ideas that are forward
   thinking, innovative, inspiring and enduring
• Seeks out opportunities for adding value to members and revenue generation to MA
• Maintains the functional running of MA
• Works as a collaborative and engaged team member to ensure consistent and accurate advice and support is
• Responds to enquiries from members, maintains CRM records
• Manages the communications channels, including website, social media, email newsletters and other creative
   media channels
• Contributes to the development of organisation’s strategy, revenue plans and annual business plans
• Ensures robust policies and procedures are developed to help drive the organisation’s goals and to manage
   financial and organisational risk
• Develops budgets in line with annual business plans, corporate targets and the overall strategic goals

Financial and administrative responsibilities:

• Ensures prudent financial management and accurate, timely reporting and budgeting.
• Manages the day-to-day finances such as Xero, BNZ banking and payroll
• Develops financial budgets and plans
• Develop efficiencies within, and follow policies and procedures
• Assists with the reporting to, and management of the board and the board’s requirements
• A working knowledge of Te Tiriti o Waitangi Principals, The Privacy Act and Incorporated Society reporting

Relationship responsibilities:

• Engage proactively and respectfully with iwi and Māori groups including Kahui Kaitiaki
• Uphold the Principals of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
• Contributes to the organisation’s journey to becoming genuinely bicultural
• Develops and fosters good proactive working partnerships with all internal and external contacts.
• Maintains relationships with other sector organisations to share information of mutual interest; keeps us connected to
   these organisations
• Promotes and drives the vision and values and building the desired culture and work environment
• Develops relationships with key funders and stakeholders
• Deliver on reporting requirements
• Deliver to CE and Board expectations, engaging them in decisions and reporting appropriately

Working environment

• Flexible working environment that includes shared working space and working from home
• Some domestic travel may be required

Measures of success

Success for you in your role is when you:

• Increase number of members
• Increase revenue from a variety of sources
• Build and maintain constructive and effective internal and external relationships to benefit the organisation and
   wider sector
• Builds consensus among stakeholder groups with different interests
• Able to maintain workplace relationships with a wide variety of people and cultures
• The office systems and processes are operating smoothly and finances are current


Experience & Knowledge


• Relevant tertiary qualification
• Managing social media and communications channels with demonstrable results
• Demonstrated organisational and project management skills
• Experience in a role that requires stakeholder management and influence
• Proven excellence in oral and written communication and presentation


The ideal appointee should be able to display the ability to:
• Build teamwork
• Think strategically
• Independently solve problems
• Communicate effectively
• Act pragmatically and efficiently
• Organise and project manage key business functions
• Work independently with self-motivation

Personal Attributes

The ideal appointee should be able to demonstrate:

• An appreciation for the cultural sector
• A passion for excellence and a commitment to high standards.
• Integrity
• High degree of initiative and problem-solving abilities
• Willingness to question, contribute, to challenge and to be challenged.
• Ability to make decisions, and the judgement to know when to ask others.
• Ability to get on with the job, taking concepts and turning them into activities that benefit members
• Enjoys working at pace, celebrating success and having fun along the way.
• High degree of self-awareness and self-motivation

This job description may be required to be changed from time to time by management as the requirements of the organisation changes. The employee agrees that the contents of their job description may be amended, added to, or varied from time to time by the employer, after consultation with the employee. Significant changes will only be made with the agreement of both parties.

This role is part time but with the ability to expand. Wellington location is preferred.

Please send CV and covering letter to by 14 May 2022.

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