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page updated 20 May 2020

NEW Collecting COVID-19?
Here is some text to encourage the public to contribute - use or adapt, post of Fb or your website:


Did you record your thoughts, experiences, activities during lockdown? New Zealanders found all sorts of ways to document their thoughts, experiences and activities of the COVID-19 alert level phenomenon. From videos to emails, diaries and letters, memes, tweets and artworks. In decades to come, researchers will be curious about this unique time in New Zealand’s history, and how we handled it as individuals, families households and communities. Consider connecting with your local museum, library or community archive before you press delete or throw your creations away. We can help put you in touch

Contact Tracing

NEW NZ COVID Tracer - Government tracing app (released 20 May)
Rippl - used by Otago Museum, Wellington City Council venues
CHECKIN-19 - used by MOTAT

Privacy Guide for contact tracing - Simply Privacy (applies to workplace/staff/volunteers as well as visitors)

Members have shared these examples:

Museum Response to Alert Levels (MOTAT 11 May 2020)

Museum response to Alert Levels - Te Tuhi example (4 May 2020)

COVID-19 Response Plan (MOTAT)
COVID-19 Team Update 8 May 2020 (MOTAT)
COVID-19 Leave provisions (MOTAT)
Social Distancing and Team Working (MOTAT)

We have some other examples, eg of communications with staff and volunteers. Please contact Phillipa Tocker by email or on 04 499 1313 if you have any queries or would like to discuss your situation. 

Business Mentors NZ - currently offering free access for small businesses and social enterprises seeking support during the COVID-19 crisis, examples include this slideshow of tips for preparing a return to work plan.

Coronavirus [museum] Community Preparedness Document - US originated Google sheet with useful links, questions, ideas etc

On 4 April the Smithsonian Institution hosted an online briefing with experts from Johns Hopkins University & Medicine who are at the forefront of the COVID-19 outbreak. The briefing was designed specifically for museums and shed light on the current state of the virus, its progression including a 90-day outlook, and the public health considerations and challenges facing museums upon reopening and in a post-COVID-19 world. An audio recording of this briefing is available here and you can download a summary of the presentation.

MA COVID_19 UPDATED guidance on security and access to museum premises (29 March 2020)

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