1. Keynote: Shane Simpson

Keynote Address

Deaccessioning – Avoiding the legal and ethical pitfalls

Shane David Simpson – Special Counsel, Simpsons, Sydney, Australia

Day Three Friday 15 April 9.00am-10.15am

Venue: Theatre Royal

Special Counsel, Simpsons Solicitors. Shane is a practising lawyer withexpertise in intellectual property and cultural property law. He is advisor to several regional, State and National collecting organisations; museum-related professional associations, curators, designers, collectors, benefactors and benevolent foundations; and was founder and first director of the Arts Law Centre of Australia. He has held numerous board memberships, and is currently chair of The Peggy Glanville‑Hicks Composers' House Trust and the NSW Film and Television Office, and a director of the Australian National Academy of Music, National Association of the Visual Arts, and Copyright Agency Limited. He is a member of the Australian Registrars’ Committee, Museums Australia, American Bar Association, Australian Society of Authors and Copyright Society of Australia.

Shane Simpson has published extensively, including: Museums and Galleries - A Legal Primer (1990);The Visual Artist and the Law in Australia (1982 and 1990); Review of Australian Copyright Collecting Societies (1995); Music Business (1994 and 2006). he is currently working on Collections Law: Legal Issues for Australian Archives, Galleries, Libraries and Museums, published by the Collections Council of Australia, much of which is already available online at http://www.collectionslaw.com.au.

Journal publications, seminar papers and conference presentations cover a wide range of subjects including artist's rights; fakes and forgeries; copyright issues; 'indecent' works of art; gallery contracts; loan of artworks; moral rights; international sale and protection of cultural material; museum ethics; sponsorship; museum governance and management; issues arising from new technologies; deaccessioning and conflicts of interest.

For further details see www.simpsons.com.au