National Services Te Paerangi Collections Barcamp

Saturday 16 April 9.00am-12.30pm, Free Event

Venue: To be confirmed

The aim of the day is to take the ideas explored at MA11 Conference and make them happen!

What’s a BarCamp? 
BarCamps have been described as ‘user-generated conferences’. If you haven’t heard of them before, check out BarCamps Aotearoa New Zealand or Wikipedia.

At a BarCamp, the people who come along decide what’s going to happen on the day. We start the day with an empty grid showing rooms and times, and invite attendees to fill it out with things they want to present, discuss, get help with, or just kick around. Three or four presentations will happen at once, giving everyone the chance to be involved in a wide range of topics.

It’s very informal, so just bring your ideas from the MA11 Conference. If you couldn’t make it to the Conference, that’s okay too. The emphasis at a BarCamp is on active participation – everyone is encouraged to run or contribute to sessions.

What’s this BarCamp all about?
NSTP Collections BarCamp is a chance to go from inspiration to perspiration after the MA11 Conference. If a conference is a talk-fest, a BarCamp is the do-fest!