MA14 - The Business of Culture

Wednesday 2 - Friday 4 April 2014, Napier, New Zealand

Photo: Richard Brimer © copyright 2013

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About MA14:

We say we are in the ‘culture business’, but in truth the seemingly contradictory objectives of these two words, and worlds, cohabit uneasily at the heart of every debate. 
As museums and galleries seek to build sustainable business models, our activities and cultural assets often still reside resolutely in the domain of the intangible. Maintaining both cultural and economic vitality takes creativity. As we grow our organisations for the twenty first century:

  • how do we harness the best of both the business and cultural worlds to ensure our place in New Zealand’s creative economy? 
  • in understanding our past we find our future. Museums have a history of success, so what do our survival instincts tell us?
  • if boom-times breed complacency, then today, in leaner economic times, how might we find common ground as we develop both our entrepreneurial orientation, and inventive expressions of our cultural value?

At MA14 we were inspired by tales of adaptation, invigoration and how to assert your business credentials and make your cultural capital count.

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