MA14 Keynote 2 - Laura Wright


Keynote delivered by Laura Wright 3 April, 2014 at MTG, Hawkes Bay


About Laura Wright

Laura Wright

After MA14, Laura Wright and Phillipa Tocker were interviewed by Lynn Freeman for Radio NZ's Standing Room Only - listen here.

Laura Wright will talk about Tate Enterprises, the revenue generating company of the Tate galleries, highlighting some of their successes and learning over the last few years. She will also discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of operating commercially within the museum sector, particularly in times of decreasing public funding.

Laura Wright has been CEO of Tate Enterprises, the revenue generating company of the Tate galleries, for the last three years. Her remit covers publishing, retailing, product development, licensing, picture library and filming, and generates around £16m in revenues per annum with all profits being returned to Tate.

Laura has been employed by Tate Enterprises for 14 years, having previously worked as Retail Director of the organisation, overseeing the running of the eight shops within the four Tate sites in London, Liverpool and St Ives. The many highlights from that time include opening the shops at Tate Modern, refitting the shops at all of the other sites and running the retailing for such successful shows as Matisse/Picasso, Damien Hirst, Klimt and Turner, Whistler, Monet amongst others.

Prior to Tate, Laura worked in the commercial side of other arts organisation in London, including the National Portrait Gallery and the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Her first job was in a feminist bookshop in the Charing Cross Road, where she discovered that she enjoys both opinionated customers and making money by selling them the right things.

In her spare time Laura is a school governor; a trustee of the local library; a member of the Enterprises board of Turner Contemporary, a newly opened gallery on the south east coast of Britain; and a member of the London Advisory Board of Common Purpose, a not-for-profit leadership training organisation. She also has two neglected children and a very understanding husband.