Logo Concept

The design of the Museums Aotearoa 2017 Conference logo is built on a core concept of a symbiotic relationship of exchange between museums and communities.

The Mangōpare has been used to incorporate elements of tikanaga, and represents strength, courage and everlasting bonds. The Mangōpare face in two directions, representing exchange of ideas in (from communities in which museums are embedded) and out (to our communities from museum collections/curation), signifying an everlasting bond and partnership through exchange.

The circular nature of the logomark creates a feeling of being drawn to a central location, precisely what will happen in the museums sector during conference week with people traveling from many directions to a central point. The two colour options draw on Manawatu's strong association with green and bring in a warm yellow to represent a sun-like burst of inspiration and ideas.


Conference T-Shirts

Conference T-Shirts can be ordered for $24 when you register.