Close up of taxidermy birds on branches behind glass.

New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Materials conference 2020

21 Oct 2020

Unmasked: Reflections and Directions in Conservation

The act of conserving cultural heritage can be preventive, interventive or restorative. Each project or object treatment is imbued with layers of decision-making and process. Often we are too busy meeting deadlines to have the time to reflect on how and why we work as we do. This year we are encouraging reflection and discourse on personal or institutional practices and/or discussions on directions for conservation and collection care of heritage.

Many times our reflections lead us to new ways of working or this may be as a result of other more immediate influences. Recent theoretical and applied developments in science are offering insights and new directions, particularly in the areas of environmental standards and guides and conservation science. Themes include examining the evolution and efficacy of conservation within institutions and the role of the conservator in relation to other stakeholders. Other topics include approaches to a specific conservation treatment, management, sustainability and outreach.

More information is available here.