Date published:
2 Jun 2021
Museums Aotearoa

The National Visitor Survey (NVS) provides snapshot data from visitors surveyed at museums, art galleries and heritage properties in Aotearoa New Zealand in the summer of each year. This poster is a visualisation of the aggregated results of the 2021 National Visitor Survey.

This year Museums Aotearoa had 64 museums and galleries taking part (double the number for 2020), and a total of 2645 visitor surveys in 2021.

There are several notable variations in the data this year compared with previous years. The most significant, understandably, is the origin of the visitors. In previous years the percentage of visitors who were from overseas was typically about 45%. For 2021 that has dropped to 3%. 

On account of this very different scenario we conducted a review of this year’s data from only NZ visitors (not overseas) and compared it to last year’s only NZ visitors to see what similarities or changes there were. The 2021 NVS data backs up national tourism statistics showing that New Zealanders are travelling around their own country more. Nationally, this has increased the percentage of museum visitors who are from outside the local region by 31%. On the reverse of the NVS Infographic poster we have more information on this analysis.

2021 Museums Aotearoa National Visitor Survey infographic