Date published:
20 Feb 2023 - 1 Apr 2023

Museums Aotearoa is conducting the annual National Visitors Survey again this year.

Email us to register.

Simplified Survey Process

We have heard your feedback about the survey taking valuable resources so we have simplified the process for 2023.

The survey will be run through Survey Monkey, with a link to open the survey on tablet or smart phone.  Once the survey has been completed, there is no further administration on your part that is required; we receive the data immediately. Once we have collated the data we will send you your organisations data and the national data for comparison.

Why are we doing this survey?

The aim of establishing a national framework is to provide our sector with better information about its visitors year to year - both at an individual museum and a sector-wide level. Museums Aotearoa uses national visitor data for its sector advocacy work.