Date published:
8 Jul 2020
Ngākahu National Repatriation Project
Museums Aotearoa

MA Code of Ethics review

The current CoE was last reviewed and reprinted in 2013. That review included some additional appendices and clarification, but no substantial changes. Since 2013 there has been considerable international debate of the changing purposes and definition of 'museum', as well as significant shifts in social context both internationally and in Aotearoa. 

The aim of this review is to view the CoE and its appendices as living documents, ensure they are fit for purpose, make whatever amendments are appropriate, and consider additional narrative and/or case studies which will help to make the whole accessible and useful. 

National Repatriation Addendum for Kōiwi Tangata and Associated Burial Taonga within Aotearoa

The purpose of this new Addendum is to offer guidance for museums in taking an ethical approach to the respectful management of kōiwi tangata within their care, with a presumption that repatriation to the source community should be the outcome wherever possible. It has been developed through a consultative process, led by Dr Amber Aranui. 

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