MA Quarterly September 2017

Date published:
1 Sep 2017
Museums Aotearoa

Museums Aotearoa Quarterly (MAQ) profiles projects and practice in museums and galleries around New Zealand. Features include MA news (messages from the Board and updates from the Executive Director), profiles of member museums and service providers, conference reports, book reviews and articles on projects, exhibitions and topical issues from around the country (and sometimes overseas).

In this issue:

  • EDs Quarter
  • Message from the Board
  • Policy Matters!
  • Student Experience
  • Open Palace Programme 2017
  • Individual Profile – Prudence Pim
  • Anne Juddery 1943 – 2017
  • Staff Happenings
  • Recovering Historic Gun Barrels
  • Evidencing the Museum
  • Index of New Zealand Art
  • Revenue Research
  • Don Millar 1931 – 2017
  • Update on Working Objects
  • Individual Profile – Kararaina Te Ira
  • My Favourite Thing