Museums Aotearoa Submission on 'Culture, Wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework'

Date published:
30 Sep 2019
Museums Aotearoa

This is the final submission from Museums Aotearoa, Te Tari o Ngā Whare Taonga o Te Motu, The Museums of New Zealand Incorporated (MA) on the Discussion Paper ‘Culture, Wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework: A Perspective (DP 19/02)’. 

Museums Aotearoa also commissioned Business & Economic Research Ltd (BERL) to prepare some commentary on the Discussion Paper ‘Culture, Wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework: A Perspective (DP 19/02)’, [accessible here.]


Treasury introduced the Living Standards Framework and the LSF Dashboard as a means to measure and compare indicators of wellbeing. This is now aligned with wellbeing in the budget process, so that the impact of budget decisions can be quantified. These approaches are becoming more common internationally. 

MCH has done work on the value of culture at various times, including a 2013 report Value and Culture: an economic framework, and in 2018 a 'Value of Culture' framework diagram developed with Daniel Fujiwara which is included in this discussion paper. 

This Treasury/MCH discussion paper brings these various frameworks together and proposes some adjustments to the LSF Dashboard and indicators. It is one of a series of papers to 'generate discussion' ahead of Treasury's planned refresh of the Living Standards Framework and Dashboard, which it anticipates will be released in 2021.

Why is it important to MA? 

The LSF is a non-partisan whole of government framework for public funding across every sphere. It is a tool in framing government budgets and policies and then measuring against them. The measures that Treasury decides to take into account can have a huge influence on future government funding decisions.

MA members were encouraged to submit feedback to both the Treasury and Museums Aotearoa, the latter informing our final MA submission.

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An Indigenous Approach to the Living Standards Framework (Te Puni Kokiri, 2019)

This discussion paper provides a Māori perspective on the Living Standards Framework that has been developed by the Treasury to measure wellbeing. It draws on Māori values and principles to provide a different perspective on wellbeing.

Culture, Wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework: A perspective (dp19/02) (Treasury, 2019) - The Treasury Website

The purpose of this discussion paper is to analyse culture and wellbeing in the context of the LSF. It provides an integrated analysis of how culture might be embedded in the LSF and the LSF Dashboard.

Museums and Local Development (ICOM & OECD, 2019)

The Guide was developed by the OECD’s Local Economic and Employment Development Programme (LEED) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM) to inform and support policy makers and the museum community in maximising the impact of culture and heritage on local development.

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