The 2019 Aotearoa New Zealand Government Tourism Strategy identified destination management as a key priority to achieve a productive, sustainable, and inclusive tourism sector. During the pandemic funding was provided to Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) for Destination Management planning and implementation.  Government funding comes to an end in June and given the wider scope RTOs have been facilitating, and the changing global tourism environment, Regional Tourism New Zealand (RTNZ) set about investigating what the future role, functions and funding requirements could be for our RTOs.   

I am pleased to be able to share with you Project Tōnui. ‘Tōnui’ describes the aspiration amongst RTOs, and we believe, the industry at large, that will deliver a tourism system in Aotearoa | New Zealand that is prosperous, productive, and flourishing, for communities, the whenua and manuhiri.

Tōnui seeks to better understand the future role, function, and resourcing requirements of RTOs. It looks deeply into this, and examines the history of the sector, the current state, and the future demands and needs of our tourism system, and particularly the way it can support community vibrancy and prosperity.

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