Te Ara - Journal of Museums Aotearoa Online volume 33

Date published:
1 Nov 2009
Museums Aotearoa

About Te Ara

Te Ara was the journal of Museums Aotearoa published twice a year from 2002 to 2005 and online in 2007 and 2009. 

You can download Volume 33 in the form it was published from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

This issue

Lost in the museum: buried treasures and the stories they tell

Author: Nancy Moses
Reviewed by Natasha Barrett

Resistance in the ranks

Bridget Wellwood has a soft spot for our ‘micro’ museums. Urging those in the better-resourced museums to take them seriously, she argues for greater co-operation from museum ‘professionals’ to allay her worries about their futures.

Deaccessioning 101

Vicky Spalding shows how tackling the thorny issue of deaccessioning items from museum collections can bring positive benefits.

Caring for New Lynn’s crown jewels

Ian Molyneux has been shouldering royal responsibilities acting as registrar on a project to catalogue and care for a comprehensive collection of Crown Lynn ceramics worthy of its own museum.

New home in an old haven

Terry Manson and Dave Pearson are both involved in the redevelopment of the Navy Museum. Here they provide an account of the historic origins of its very appropriate new location


Jane Legget talks about the events of the past year.

The ‘reflexive museum’ – opening the door to behind the scenes

In the course of his doctoral research, Philipp Schorch has been thinking deeply about how exhibitions are generated.

Cultural Memory: A short history of the Whangarei Art Collection 1921 – 2008

Scott Pothan and Ashley Remer trace the complex genesis of Northland’s leading public art museum and its collection, illustrating the shifting fortunes and struggles of culture in provincial politics.

A Fraction Too Much Friction: Heritage Dissonance and the Whiteley Memorial

Paulette Wallace teases out the issues that surfaced in an instance of contested heritage in Taranaki, offering us an object lesson in the value of openness to multiple perspectives and inclusive discussion.

Serving Southland’s Museums: Three months in Waikaia

Johannah Massey adopts a regional approach to collection care in the Far South with a special concern for the small volunteer-run museums, and describes her winter stint at Waikaia Museum to show how it is working.

Why does your museum matter?

Speakers at the recent 21st Century Arts conference addressed this central question, which in turn caused Kathryn Mitchell to address her own thinking about the fundamentals of our sector and the relevance of what we do.