Just released research, commissioned by Museums Aotearoa and delivered by BERL, gives funders a New Zealand-specific evidence base for more accurately measuring the contribution of the sector.

This research enables you to make a clear case for change with local decision-makers and funders.

It also provides detailed community insights as to how we can increase accessibility, improve diversity and get better reach for our collections and exhibitions.

As you all fully appreciate, the way central and local government funds museums and galleries needs to reflect the weight of responsibility entrusted to us – the care and curation of Aotearoa’s most precious taonga. But it also needs to reflect the economic impact museums and galleries have through tourism, employment of over 5,400 people and a significant contribution to GDP.

We hope this research will be useful to you in your conversations and may even give you cause to reach out to funders directly.

This toolkit is a bespoke resource for members that brings together the latest research into our sector in a format that you can use in conversation with your local stakeholders, funders and supporters.

FOLKL Phase 1 research; Membership Insights and recommendations July 2022

FOLKL Phase 2 research; Community Insights October 2022

FOLKL Summary Report 2022



Berl & FOLKL Research Papers
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