TENNZ - Touring Exhibitions

The TENNZ group comprises those New Zealand Museums and Galleries that both actively generate and receive touring exhibitions. It is not open to exhibition touring agencies.

Membership is free. TENNZ members generally meet twice a year (April/May & November). The April/May meeting is a half-day gathering, timed and located with the MA conference, which will not take place in 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The focus of this meeting is primarily a marketplace where members have an opportunity to promote touring exhibitions from their institution; there is also an opportunity for the host museum or gallery to show delegates around a recently opened exhibition. The November meeting (tbc) is a full-day gathering and is hosted by one of the TENNZ members. Although the November meeting also has a marketplace and exhibition tour, it also includes presentations and discussions relevant to the exhibition sector.

Meetings tend to be very collegial and a broad range of issues pertaining to touring and staging exhibitions is discussed. 

The current Chair of the TENNZ Group is Rebecca Britt, Exhibitions Manager at MOTAT. Please contact Rebecca Britt if you are interested in joining the network.

This website is the trading place where available touring exhibition briefs are posted. Any venue interested in hosting one of the exhibitions posted here is encouraged to contact the relevant institution.

Exhibitions are listed under the following categories:

In Development
For institutions, who are currently developing an exhibition, to gather expressions of interest if their exhibition were to tour.

Currently Available
Touring exhibitions that are available now.

On Tour
Exhibitions that are currently touring and have free dates in their schedule.

Download touring exhibition outline template below

2010-11 TENNZ Exhibition Outline (word)